Business Cleansing Program

If you are running a for-profit business, the goal is always to find the most efficient and effective way to operate your company to achieve maximum profit. We have designed a strategic business evaluation process where we help business owners examine five key aspects of their business to ensure a leaner business process. Under the Business Cleansing Program, business owners will learn to understand the cost impact of each business activity and direct resources to actions that have the most impact on the performance.

•   Finance : Cash flow, business funding, and theft are oftentimes the top three concerns of small business finance. Our evaluation process will reveal the causes of any such financial issues and implement programs to improve the process. Bottom line results can be generated within three to six months.

•   Marketing : This is a crucial business activity that helps small businesses get noticed and receive customers. We will evaluate your current marketing situation and the consistency of your message and promotional tactics to establish the effectiveness of your existing marketing program. Creative and cost effective suggestions will be offered at the end of the evaluation process.

•   Operations : We will conduct a “Spend” analysis, prioritize key issues, identify areas of improvement throughout the business process, and create a roadmap to address them. Clients can expect waste reduction in terms of their quantitative and qualitative resources.

•   Information Technology : Quality and cost define the value of IT. An individualized account of how to avoid business loss (due to IT inefficiency), improve user satisfaction, reduce time for decision and projects implementation, and maximize technological benefits of your hardware will be reported.

•   Human Resources : Issues such as employee productivity, motivations, recruitment/dismissal, compensations and benefits will be evaluated to ensure happy staff and maximum utilization of skills and talents.